Monday, September 17, 2012

{REAL PARTIES} Somewhere Over the Rainbow Play Date

What does a play group of seven colorful little sweethearts do to celebrate the end of summer? A Rainbow Party of course! I was so excited to be a part of this fun event for a Mommy & Me playgroup we belong too. The creative mom's thought it would be fun to have each girl represent a color in what has to be the cutest rainbow ever...even if they did end up a tad bit out of order!

When looking for styling inspiration I was taken by the vintage lemonade stands I've been seeing lately so I thought.. why not a Rainbow Stand?! The stand was complete with a "Rainbows 5 cents" sign, printable banner, and a cute fabric banner I created to top it off. Each girl had a colorful jar of Skittles with their name & coordinating rainbow color. A candy scoop adorns a tag reading "Taste the Rainbow" inviting each guest to create they're own take-home rainbow treat bag.

Then there was the cake! Confetti cake topped with a charming cake topper by the fabulous Debra of Titi's Tutu's, the original creator of Pom Cake Toppers! I was browsing through Debra's Etsy shop and saw her adorable pom creations and just knew I had to have one in all the colors of the Rainbow!
So in love with the topper she created for us - I can't say enough about how cute it is! Be sure and take a peek in her shop for all her adorable creations!

Each girl got her fill of sweets! When I asked my little "Purple" if she would be sharing her bag of Skittles with her Mommy.. I was quickly shushed for my suggestion!

The moms wanted to get photos of each girl so balloon rides to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" were called for as a photo opportunity. One of the favorite games quickly became knocking the basket over with friend inside. Good thing it was all in fun and lots of giggles in sued!
(*If you're wondering about the red splotch on "Purple's: check... let's just say Mommy forgot she was wearing very red lipstick that day!)

A big thank you to the fabulous vendors for this event:

Party Styling, Printables & Sweets by Itsy Belle
Pom Cake Topper by Titi's Tutu's
Balloons ~ Party City
Photography by  Angela Garrick ~ A Moment Remembered Photography

Inspired to throw your own rainbow party?!


  1. What a cute idea! I love it! :)

  2. so cute! The balloon ride is precious!!! Great job!

  3. How adorable! I love that each child is a color of the rainbow and your little purple is too cute!!

  4. Such an adorable party and the photography was stunning! Amazing job Christy! xx Carla

  5. Fantastic party! Great cake !

  6. Absolutely adorable! Love the balloon ride.

  7. The link to the shop just directs me to blogger. Can you update it? Love this party!

    1. The link is updated!
      Thank you!